What areas do we work in?

A wide array! Here’s a compressed version of the list of topics:

A. Signal Processing

  1. Compressed sensing
  2. Non-linear signal recovery
  3. Model based signal recovery
  4. Dictionary learning/sparse coding
  5. Robust principal component analysis
  6. Matrix completion
  7. Signal demixing
  8. Image processing
  9. Computational photography

B. Machine Learning

  1. Deep Learning
  2. Probabilistic graphical models
  3. Dimensionality reduction/subspace embedding
  4. Learning theory/VC dimension

C. Coding and Information Theory

  1. Function computation/Network coding
  2. Coded Caching
  3. Map-reduce optimization

D. Optimization

  1. Convex optimization
  2. Non-convex optimization
  3. Distributed optimization
  4. Stochastic optimization
  5. Combinatorial optimization

E. Randomized methods in Data Science

  1. Randomized numerical linear algebra