Weekly Seminar – 2/17/2017 – Deep Learning #5

We’re inching towards the end of our Deep Learning (DL) series. We just have two talks left after which we move on to our next batch of topics on Sparse and Low Rank Signal Processing. Having gone through four talks on varied topics from introduction to optimization to models such as CNN and RNN, under the umbrella of Deep Learning, we thought it would be apt to look at how these models are actually being implemented.

Manaswi Podduturi from Dr. Hegde’s group will be speaking this Friday, on applications of deep learning. She will give brief talk about how to get started with implementing deep learning and introduce some popular resources for the same. She will also compare the performance of various DL algorithms on a fixed dataset.

If you’re itching to utilize the concepts discussed in the last few talks, but don’t know how to get started, do come for this session! For others, there’s coffee as usual!

Date: Friday, 17th February

Venue: 2222, Coover Hall

Time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Slides: Applications of DL


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