Weekly Seminar – 11/04/2016

Han Guo from Dr. Namrata Vaswani’s group will be presenting this week, on the topic of Video Denoising and Enhancement via Dynamic Sparse and Low-rank Matrix Decomposition. Details of the talk are as follows:

Abstract: Video denoising refers to the problem of removing “noise” from a video sequence. Here the term “noise” is used in a broad sense to refer to any corruption or outlier or interference that is not the quantity of interest. In this work, we develop a novel approach to video denoising that is based on the idea that many noisy or corrupted videos can be split into three parts – the “low-rank layer”, the “sparse layer”, and everything else (which is small and bounded). We show, using extensive experiments, that our denoising approach ReLD (ReProCS-based Layering Denoising) outperforms the state-of-the art denoising algorithms.
Date: 4th November
Venue: 2222, Coover
Time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm
You can find the slides here.

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