Weekly Seminar – 10/28/2016

Pan Zhong from Dr. Zhengdao Wang’s group will be presenting this week. She will be speaking on an interesting topic in statistical learning theory called VC dimension. Details of the talk are as listed below:

Venue: Coover, 2222
Time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Date: 10/28/2016

i. Chapter 4 of Statistical Learning Theory by Vapnik, Vladimir Naumovich.
ii. Carlos Guestrin’s slides from the Fall 2007 course on Machine Learning at CMU.

You can also find the slides for the talk here.

Attacking discrimination with smarter machine learning

Some exciting research going on at the Big Picture research group at Google:

As machine learning is increasingly used to make important decisions across core social domains, the work of ensuring that these decisions aren’t discriminatory becomes crucial.

Here we discuss “threshold classifiers,” a part of some machine learning systems that is critical to issues of discrimination. A threshold classifier essentially makes a yes/no decision, putting things in one category or another. We look at how these classifiers work, ways they can potentially be unfair, and how you might turn an unfair classifier into a fairer one. As an illustrative example, we focus on loan granting scenarios where a bank may grant or deny a loan based on a single, automatically computed number such as a credit score…

Read more about it here.

Source: research.google.com

ISU Data Science Reading Group

We’re a group of graduate students from Iowa State University, with underlying interests in solving some cool data science problems.

We meet weekly on Fridays, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm at Coover, 3043, Black 2004 (this week onward) to discuss varied problems in the intersection of our research areas (check the Research tab for more info). Occasionally, we enjoy active brainstorming sessions over cups of medium roast coffee.

You can find all material related to our seminars, including slides and references in the List of Talks tab.